Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: They're Here

FAA approves for commercial use


Image courtesy of Jessamyn Saxon

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Since 2014, the CCIC has sponsored a variety of research involving the use of UAVs/UASs, including investigations on potential uses in construction such as progress imagery, structure and skin inspection, development of point clouds through photogrammetry, site logistics planning, and several others. Associate Professor Mark Tatum, a credentialed UAS operator as well as a licensed fixed wing pilot, leads the College’s efforts on this front. We’ve partnered with Leica Geosystems, Aibotix, Brasfield & Gorrie, Auburn University Facilities, and several other stakeholders with this technology, and hope to soon make available an elective course for BSCI students to become credentialed to fly UAS.