Senior Thesis Develops New Safety Plug-in

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

This semester Dr. Eric Wetzel took part as a sponsor for the College of Engineering’s Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) senior thesis project. Dr. Wetzel’s research looks at ways to simplify the retrieval of asset specific safety information utilizing building information modeling (BIM). In collaboration with Dr. Kai Chang from CSSE, the senior group was tasked with developing an Autodesk Navisworks plug-in to present asset specific safety information within the model space. This is done by using Data Tools as a middleware between Navisworks (the graphic model space) and Excel (where the asset specific safety information can be uploaded/manipulated in bulk). With Data Tools, model elements/assets can be exported, asset specific safety information can be input into each asset, and the data can be reimported into the model space. Finally, the newly developed plug-in allows a user to simply click on an asset, run the application, and be presented with asset specific safety information. This process is greatly simplified from having to obtain comprehensive safety information from a number of resources (e.g. O&M manuals, plans, specs, MSD Sheets, etc.).

Group from left to right in image: Xizhi Geng (CSSE), David Harris (CSSE), Dr. Eric Wentzel (Sponsor, BSCI), and Branson Popp (CSSE)