Photogrammetry and Image-based Spatial Modeling in Construction, Facilities Management, and Construction Education

Monday, November 20, 2017

This research featured collaboration with software platform experts to develop a procedure to optimize the accuracy and speed of spatial image modeling. This is an essential step for evaluating the accuracy and feasibility of photogrammetry for proper activities in construction and facilities management. The PI used the 3D laser-scan point cloud of Samford Hall as a base-line, compared and contrasted it with point clouds developed in photogrammetry program from UAV photos and AuMiD14 photos. Investigators also had meetings with architects and construction and civil engineers of AU Facilities Division to discuss possible applications of photogrammetry technology for the university.

Additionally, photos were obtained through field surveys (ground and/or air base) and mining the existing AuMiD14 imagery data. Photos were processed and models created in a range of platforms including Agisoft PhotoScan, Photo Modeler, Autodesk Recap, Recap 360, and other relevant software packages.

Research Activities:

The PI captured all 37 Ground Control Points (GCP) located throughout Lee County for the AuMid14 project

The PI surveyed the site of Auburn Arena in summer of 2015 and collected the data of ground control point (GCP) and actual dimensions of this site.

The PI implemented the data and developed a scaled photogrammetry point clouds for Auburn Arena.

Developed a procedure to process the photogrammetry models from AgiSoft to Autodesk Recap, AutoCAD and Autodesk NavisWorks for design and construction related applications.