What We've Discovered

UAS Case Study - Curtain Wall

The benefits of unmanned aircraft systems in mitigating the safety risks of elevated inspections in vertical construction.

Tangible Design: An Actuated Approach to Convert Virtual Form Into Physical Form

Collaborative research investigation between CADC and CoENG to develop a tangible user interface for creating physical models from digital information.

Photogrammetry and Image-based Spatial Modeling in Construction, Facilities Management, and Construction Education

Collaborative investigation into the various applications of image-based spatial modeling for use in construction, education, and facilities management.

Development of Teaching Materials for Advanced Construction Survey Technology

The goal of this grant was to develop teaching materials that will function as a quick-start guide for students using advanced surveying equipment.

Mobile Devices in the Construction Management Classroom

With an increase in mobile technology use by construction professionals, what academic applications can prepare students for mobile technology usage in the field?

Using Radio Frequency Identification Tags to Improve Dredge Safety

The objective of this research was to evaluate the effectiveness of radio frequency identification (RFID) tag technology in providing individual personnel safety monitoring on a dredge.

Qualitative Analysis of Electrical Change Orders

Qualitative analysis of electrical construction-related change orders on projects completed at Auburn University to discern change order causation and prevalence.

Cost Analysis of Construction Projects at Auburn University

Quantitative analysis of budgeted versus actual costs on 365 projects completed at Auburn University to discern project cost performance.

Capture + Cloud Project

3D LiDAR Scanning and Photogrammetry help to document, represent, and expand upon the lifestyle and student work of Rural Studio in Hale County, Alabama.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: They're Here

Sponsored research investigating the uses of UAVs/UASs in construction through image modeling, planning, inspections, and education.

Construction Management at Risk

What factors are preventing the Construction Management at Risk project delivery method from being accepted in Alabama state-funded projects?

Use of Augmented Reality Devices on the Construction Site

How can the use of Immersive Virtual Reality equipment apply to construction applications?

Mitigating Heat Transfer from Impervious Surfaces to Stormwater Discharge Using Alternative Design Methods and Pavement Types

Analyzing alternative design methods and pervious pavement types to reduce runoff temperatures through a multidisciplinary green infrastructure lab.

Low Cost 3D Digital Scanning and Immersive Visualization Technologies for Built Environment

Pairing Augmented Reality (AR) with SLAM technologies to create low cost 3D immersive realities for design, construction, and facilities management.

A Market Survey of BIMFM Readiness Among Designers and Builders in the Southeast United States

Analyzes the market readiness of designers and builders by surveying their BIM-related company infrastructure, BIM knowledgeable, and previous experiences/exposures with BIMFM.